Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd. Datasheets for Flexible Couplings

Flexible couplings connect rotating members while allowing some degree of angular or parallel misalignment.
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Elastomer Coupling
Elastomer Coupling
China couplings manufacturer & exporter, we specialize in: chain couplings, Jaw couplings, flexible couplings, HRC couplings, NM couplings, MH couplings, Pin coupling, Spacer Coupling, Flange Coupling, Sleeve Coupling, nylon...
Fluid Coupling Features: Improve the starting capability of electric motor, protect motor against overloading, damp shock, load fluctuation and torsional vibration, and balance and load distribution in case of multimotor drives. Applications:...
Chain Coupling
Jaw Coupling
Tyre Coupling
China Jaw Couplings manufacturer & exporter, we specialize in: china couplings,chain couplings,Jaw couplings,flexible couplings, HRC couplings,NM couplings,MH couplings,Pin coupling,Spacer Coupling,Flange Coupling,Sleeve Coupling, nylon sleeve coupling. We also can supply products...
HRC Coupling
MH Coupling
NM Coupling
Pin Coupling
Spacer Coupling
China manufacturer of couplings,Specialist in:china couplings,chain couplings,Jaw couplings,flexible couplings,HRC couplings,NM couplings,MH couplings,Pin coupling,Spacer Coupling,Flange Coupling,Sleeve Coupling,nylon sleeve coupling.
Flexible Sleeve Coupling Flexible Sleeve Coupling
Double Cardanic Couplings Type DKM For high shaft displacements 3-part double-cardanic Reduced vibration and noise The restoring forces resulting from displacements are very low Increase of the total lifetime of all adjacent components (bearings, seals...
Rotex Coupling (Steeliness) Hubs from steel, specifically suitable for drive elements subject to high loads, e. g. steel mills, elevator drives, spline hubs, etc.) Torsionally flexible, maintenance-free, vibration-damping Axial plug-in, fail-safe Allover machining...
Rotex Coupling (Casted Materials) Torsionally flexible, maintenance-free Damping vibrations Axial plug-in, fail-safe Allover machining – good dynamic properties Compact design/small flywheel effect Finish bore according to ISO fit H7, feather keyway according to DIN...