Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd. Datasheets for Shaft Collars

Shaft collars attach to shafts and are used as stop features or targets for devices such as tachometers.
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Product Name Notes
C:Set Screw Style Collar
C1: One-Piece Clamp Style Collar
C2: Two-Piece Clamp Style Collar
C2H: Heavy Duty Two-Piece Clamp Style Collar
MC: Set Screw Style Collar
MC1: One-Piece Clamp Style Collar
MC2:Two-Piece Clamp Style Collar
TC1: One-Piece Clamp Style Threaded Collar
TC2: Two-Piece Split Style Threaded Collar
TCN1: One-Piece Clamp Style Bearing Locknut
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