Burkert Fluid Control Systems Datasheets for Paddlewheel Flow Meters

Paddlewheel flow meters have a paddle wheel that is perpendicular to the flow path. The rotor axis is positioned to limit contact between the paddles and the flowing media.
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Product Name Notes
Compatible with Inline sensor-fitting S030 with paddle wheel for flow measurement (see datasheets types 8030, SE30 Ex, S030); Compatible with Inline sensor-fitting S077 with oval gears for flow measurement (see...
The flowmeter Type 8026 is a compact device, specially designed for measuring the flow rate in solid-free liquids, in a variety of applications (water, waste water monitoring, chemical processing, etc.).
The sensor-fitting Type S030 has a built-in paddle wheel to measure the flow rate and is especially designed for use with neutral, slightly aggressive, solid free liquids. The compact sensor-fitting...