Bronkhorst USA Datasheets for Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic flow meters use sound waves to determine flow rates. They can be either Doppler Effect meters or Time-of-Flight meters.
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Product Name Notes
ES-FLOW Ultrasonic Flow Meter [4 .. 1500 ml/min] -- ES-FLOW ES-103I
ES-FLOW Ultrasonic Flow Meter [4 .. 1500 ml/min] -- ES-FLOW ES-113I
ES-FLOW™ series Low-Flow Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters / Controllers General ES-FLOW are Volumetric Liquid Flow Meters/Controllers for very low flowranges. The instruments operate on a innovative measuring principle, usingultrasound in...
SONIC-VIEW Ultrasonic Flow Meter [1.5 .. 30 l/min] -- SVM-030
SONIC-VIEW Ultrasonic Flow Meter [5 .. 110 l/min] -- SVM-110
The new SONIC-VIEW series flow meters offer a compact, solid state solution for measuring flow in areas where flow sensors with moving parts cannot be applied. Its interference free operation,...