Kyocera Corporation Datasheets for Specialty Ceramics

Specialty ceramics include nitrides, borides, carbon, zirconia, rare earth oxide (REO) materials and silicides as well as other specialized non-metallic compounds.
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Product Name Notes
Excellent heat and thermal shock resistance, and particularly good creep resistance. Its thermal expansion index approximates that of a silicon semiconductor chip.
Its excellent plasma resistance is ideal for applications in semiconductor processing equipment, where particle contamination must be avoided. It contributes to productivity improvement due by reducing equipment maintenance requirements.
Silicon nitride is optimal for engine parts due to its toughness at high temperatures, superior thermal shock resistance, light weight and corrosion resistance.
The strongest and toughest of all fine ceramic materials, it is used to make scissors and knives which products once considered impossible to make from ceramic. Single-crystal zirconia is also...
With its properties of electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, Aluminum Nitride is ideal for applications where heat dissipation is required. In addition, since it offers a coefficient of thermal...