Zhuhai Cersol Technology Co., Ltd. Datasheets for Carbides and Carbide Materials (hardmetals)

Carbides and carbide materials (hardmetals) have excellent wear resistance and high hot hardness. They are binary compounds of carbon and an element of lower or comparable electronegativity.
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Product Name Notes
Maximum Diameter: 360mm-650mm,Maximum Height: 700mm Maximum Diameter: 200mm-360mm,Maximum Height: 1000mm
Molecular formula: B4C Mohs hardness: 9.36 Density: 2.52g/cm ³ Melting point: 2450 °C Appearance: gray black powder. One of the hardest materials. It has become an ideal material for many...
Zirconium Carbide is an important high-temperature structural material with high melting point, high strength and high corrosion resistance. It also has the characteristics of efficient absorption of visible light, reflection...