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Boron Carbide
Molecular formula: B4C Mohs hardness: 9.36 Density: 2.52g/cm ³ Melting point: 2450 °C Appearance: gray black powder. One of the hardest materials. It has become an ideal material for many industries because of its acid-base resistance, high temperature resistance Main uses and recommended particle size: Grinding media eg: W3.5/5/7/14/20/40 F180/F240/F280/F320 Military, nuclear and industrial ceramics eg: 10F/5F/325F/D50: 1μm/D50: 2-3μm Refractory material eg: 325F/200F/100F Welding material: eg: 60-120#/60-150#
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  Zhuhai Cersol Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Category Industrial Ceramic Materials
Product Name Boron Carbide
Material Type Carbide Material; Boron Carbide
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