JFW Industries, Inc. Datasheets for Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables banded into a single unit with connectors on at least one end.
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Product Name Notes
RF Cable -- 016-064-XX
RF Cable -- 016-107-XX
RF Cable -- 016-421-XX
RF Cable -- 016-550-XX
RF Cable -- 016-841-XX
RF Cable -- 016-842-XX
RF Cable -- 016-872-XX
RF Cable -- 016-910-XX
For our customer's convenience, JFW offers a line of semi-rigid RF cable assemblies as well as a selection of DC cable assemblies with a variety of interface connectors. Our available...
DC Cable -- 016-168-XX
DC Cable -- 016-306-XX
DC Cable -- 016-330-XX
DC Cable -- 016-551-XX
DC Cable -- 016-552-XX
DC Cable -- 016-554-XX
These 4 pin, 9 pin, and 10 pin cable assemblies can be used to interface with many of JFW's programmable attenuators and RF switches. If you need a DC connector...