Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - The Vacuum Experts Datasheets for Mechanical Feedthroughs

Mechanical feedthroughs transmit mechanical motion through the walls of a vacuum system. Both linear and rotary feedthroughs are included in this grouping.
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Product Name Notes
Heavy Duty Linear Motion Feedthrough
Linear Vacuum Feedthrough
Pneumatic Linear Motion Feedthrough
Linear motion feedthroughs are standard positioning devices used when no rotational movement is required. These feedthroughs are actuated pneumatically, push-pull or rotationally.
Coaxial Magnetic Linear/Rotary Vacuum Feedthrough
Diffferentially Pumped Linear/Rotary Vacuum Feedthrough
Magnetic Linear/Rotary Vacuum Feedthrough
Precision Linear/Rotary Vacuum Feedthrough
Linear rotary feedthroughs are offered in magnetically coupled, bellows sealed and differentially pumped, o-ring sealed versions. These feedthroughs are normally manually actuated. Typically these feedthroughs are used for sample introduction...
Motorized Rare Earth Magnetic Rotary Vacuum Feedthrough
Precision Rotary Vacuum Feedthrough
Nor-Cal rotary motion feedthroughs are frequently bolted to XYZ manipulators. They are used for applications such as shutter actuation, or in cases where precise angular orientation is required. Construction methods...