Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - The Vacuum Experts Datasheets for Electrical Feedthroughs

Electrical feedthroughs transmit electrical current through the walls of a pressurized or vacuum system through a hermetic seal.
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Product Name Notes
8 Pin Instrumentation Feedthroughs are normally used for transmitting signal voltages and currents. Process control in surface analysis, electron microscopy and electron beam evaporation are typical applications.
BNC electrical feedthroughs are consist of two concentric conductor paths which are separated and insulated with high-purity alumina ceramic. These are single-ended grounded shield feedthroughs.
Medium current copper feedthroughs transmit either high voltage, high current or a combination of both. They are used for sample heating, in-vacuum coating, electron beam evaporation, sputtering, etc. High-purity, high...
Medium Current Nickel Feedthroughs are similar to Medium Current Copper Feedthroughs with the exception of utilizing a nickel conductor in processes and environments which would otherwise attack copper.
MHV Coaxial Feedthroughs are similar to BNC Feedthroughs, with the exception to voltage ratings. MHV feedthroughs have a significantly higher voltage rating than BNC feedthroughs, and their electrical ratings are...
Nor-Cal Products offers a wide range of Crystal Feedthroughs designed to accommodate a variety of deposition systems. These feedthoughs provide the atmosphere to vacuum connection between the crystal sensor and...
Single Water Cooled High Current Feedthrough features a single hollow copper conductor intended for high amperage applications. These feedthroughs should be used in closed loop, grounded systems with deionized water.
The Single High Current Feedthrough features a single copper conductor intended for high amperage applications.
Thermocouple feedthroughs carry instrumentation signals while providing electrical isolation and hermatic sealing. They are leak free in high and ultra high vacuum environments and are composed of only inorganic materials.
These watercooled electrical feedthroughs transmit power and coolants simultaneously. They will conconduct higher current loads than solid rod conductors of equal size when properly cooled. System should be grounded for...