Fischer Technology, Inc. Datasheets for Flaw Detectors

Flaw detectors are used to detect or measure defects in raw materials or finished products. This product area includes fault detectors, NDT instruments that are used to find faults in electrical, mechanical, optical, or other systems.
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Product Name Notes
Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement -- FISCHERSCOPE® UMP Series Fischer's new precision and corrosion ultrasonic gauges are an ideal complement to the large product line of coating thickness and material testing handheld instruments. The FISCHERSCOPE┬« UMP 20, 40, and...
Portable Holiday Detector -- POROSCOPE® HV20
Portable Holiday Detector -- POROSCOPE® HV40
Portable Holiday Detector -- POROSCOPE® HV5
Protective plastic coatings keep sterile packaging for medical products or foodstuffs airtight. Plastic or enamel coatings are used, for example, to protect tanks, ships' hulls or piping against corrosion. The...