NuAire, Inc. Datasheets for Fume Hoods

Laboratory fume hoods are partially enclosed workspaces that are exhausted to the outside.
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Product Name Notes
The FumeGard 156 Vertical Laminar Airflow Fume Hood for high acid and trace metal analysis meets NSF / ANSI Standards for personnel, product, and environmental protection through HEPA filtration. Durable...
The FumeGard 162 Conventional Corrosive-Resistant Polypropylene Fume Hood is designed to capture, contain, and exhaust fumes, gases, vapors, mists, aerosols, and particulate matter generated within the hood interior.
The FumeGard 164 By-Pass Polypropylene Fume Hood is constructed from stress relieved white polypropylene intended for use in high acid environments, trace metal analysis, materials analysis, toxicology, semi-conductor development, prototype/production...