Iwaki America and Walchem, IWAKI America Inc Datasheets for pH Electrodes

pH electrodes are analytical sensors for measuring potential of hydrogen (pH), the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in solution.
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Product Name Notes
pH/ORP Sensor -- WDS-MV
pH/ORP Sensor -- WDS-PH
Walchem’s WDS Series differential pH and ORP sensors are designed for industrial applications to be long-lasting and reliable. The differential measurement technique uses two electrodes, one for the process measurement...
PH/ORP Electrode -- WEL-MVF
PH/ORP Electrode -- WEL-MVR
PH/ORP Electrode -- WEL-PHB
PH/ORP Electrode -- WEL-PHF
PH/ORP Electrode -- WEL-PHH
PH/ORP Electrode -- WEL-PHLI
Walchem’s WEL Series electrodes are cost-effective differential pH and ORP electrodes for industrial applications. They are modular in design with a rugged CPVC housing that contains the electronics; pH and...