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Product Name Notes
Rapid, Multi-Point 3D Profiling Scanner with Tracheid Detection -- chroma+scan 3250 Get all the same functionality of the chroma+scan 3155 for profile scanning in transverse applications, with the additional capability to detect tracheid effect. The chroma+scan 3250 scans tracheid cells in...
Displacement Sensors -- Gocator 1320
Displacement Sensors -- Gocator 1340
Displacement Sensors -- Gocator 1350
Displacement Sensors -- Gocator 1365
Displacement Sensors -- Gocator 1370
Displacement Sensors -- Gocator 1380
Displacement Sensors -- Gocator 1390
Gocator displacement sensors are non-contact laser distance measurement devices that are ideal for determining 3D thickness, height, and surface roughness. The sensors operate at speeds up to 32,000 Hz and...
3D Log Scanner -- chroma+scan 2430
3D Log Scanner -- chroma+scan 2440
3D Log Scanner -- chroma+scan 2460
The chroma+scan 2400 series is ideal for delivering 3D shape of boards and logs, at fast scan rates with a wide dynamic range capable of handling black material (e.g. wet...
Rapid, Multi-Point 3D Profiling Scanner -- chroma+scan 3155 The chroma+scan 3155 sensor integrates highdensity profiles and fast scan rates to helpoptimize the value of your materials. Builtfor true coplanar scanning for transverseapplications, this sensor delivers impressivedata accuracy.• TRUE...
Multi-Point 3D Profiling Scanner with 2D Color Imaging -- chroma+scan 3350 The chroma+scan 3350 sensor integrates high-density 3D profiles with sub-millimeter 2D color imaging to get the highest value from every piece scanned. The sensor's color vision capability also detects defects...
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2130
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2140
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2150
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2170
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2180
The Gocator 2100 series of 3D smart sensors isan all-in-one solution that lets factories improveefficiencies in product validation at a fractionof the cost of other sophisticated solutions.Providing the same measurement...
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2320
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2330
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2340
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2350
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2370
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2380
The Gocator 2300 series of 3D smart sensorsare designed for the demanding industrialconditions of the factory floor. Gocator's simpleand flexible design enables factories to reducecosts and maximize profitability by improvingefficiencies...
Profile Sensors -- Gocator 2880 The Gocator 2880 smart sensor is built to thrive inthe demanding industrial conditions of the factoryfloor. Gocator's simple and flexible design enablesfactories to reduce operational cost and maximizeprofitability by significantly...
Snapshot Sensor -- Gocator 3109
Snapshot Sensor -- Gocator 3110
The Gocator 3100 series is the first family of3D smart sensors to combine 3D point cloudacquisition and measurement tools in a singleindustrial package. With a rich set of built-intools, Gocator...