JST Manufacturing, Inc. Datasheets for Workbenches and Workstations (Industrial)

Industrial workbenches and industrial workstations are locations where personnel perform work.  Products range from economy workbenches to cleanroom and electronic assembly benches.
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Product Name Notes
JST's tables are customed designed to your needs.
JST’s Chemical Workstations are designed for use as an exhausted work surface for laboratory applications. Even airflow is provided across the worksurface. The worksurface is liquid tight maintaining a dry...
JST's Teardown Workstations are utility workstations for manually cleaning CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) parts or other items containing a buildup of toxic residue. The entire work area is enclosed.
JST's Fume hood Workstations are made to provide an operator safe environment when working with volatile chemistries.Rinse and process baths can be added supported on removable bars. Electrical controllers, switches...