Actioncraft Products, Inc. / Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc. Datasheets for High Voltage Power Supplies

High voltage power supplies use linear technology to provide one or more DC outputs at voltage levels of hundreds or thousands of volts.
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Product Name Notes
3 Phase Power Supply For three phase models with less or equal to 750 watts output power, stand-alone units are available. Please refer to Frequency Converter Category for detail information. For three phase set-ups...
Plasma Power Supply -- 1500S-HF
Plasma Power Supply -- 250S-HF
Plasma Power Supply -- 350S-HF
Plasma Power Supply -- 500S-HF
Plasma Power Supplies Features Output Voltage: 0-130V or 0-260V with internal output transformer 0-22.5 rms. into primary of external output transformer Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20KHz with internal output transformer...