Anton Paar Datasheets for Refractometers

Refractometers measure the critical angle of refraction through a sample. The critical angle of refraction will change with concentration.
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Product Name Notes
ABBEMAT® Performance and Performance Plus Line -- 300
ABBEMAT® Performance and Performance Plus Line -- 350
ABBEMAT® Performance and Performance Plus Line -- 500
ABBEMAT® Performance and Performance Plus Line -- 550
Abbemat digital refractometers allow fast and non-destructive refractive index measurements. They are factory calibrated with official standards from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, National Metrology Institute of Germany). Refractive index results...
Abbemat Heavy Duty Line -- Abbemat HT Abbemat High Temperature (HT) offers temperature control up to 110 °C. The Abbemat HT refractometer is operated by a Windows-based PC software.
Abbemat CompactRefractometers -- 3X00 Reliability, precision and convenience: Abbemat 3X00 refractometers offer you an exceptional combination of technical expertise and user-friendly operation for your refractive index and concentration measurements. The premium technology and compactness...
Abbemat Economy Line Refractometer -- 200 The Abbemat 200 refractometers provide fast and accurate measurement of refractive index or concentration in all industry branches, from pharmaceuticals, flavors and chemicals to beverages and food.
Abbemat Heavy Duty Line -- 450
Abbemat Heavy Duty Line -- 650
The Abbemat 450/650 refractometers are extremely robust and waterproof (IP68). To measure samples containing solid particles or air bubbles you can position the Heavy Duty Abbemat on its side to...
Multiwavelengths Refractometer -- Abbemat MW The Abbemat MW digital refractometer enables quick and fully automatic measurements of the refractive index at different measuring wavelengths, e. g. for dispersion and Abbe number determination.