Flow Technology, Inc. Datasheets for Flow Computers, Totalizers, and Indicators

Flow computers, totalizers, and rate indicators integrate the functions of flow and temperature measurement, computation, data acquisition, input / output (I/O) standardization, and closed loop control. They require external sensor inputs and may be used as local rate indicators.
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Product Name Notes
Battery Powered Rate/Totalizer -- BR3000 Battery or DC power and a compact size make the BR3000 Series Rate/Totalizer a versatile local indicator. It accepts magnetic pickup and DC pulse inputs. Rate and total are shown...
Liquid/Gas Flow Computer -- SL9000
Liquid/Gas Flow Computer -- SL9100
Liquid/Gas Flow Computer -- SL9200
The SL Series Flow Computers consist of three panel-mounted display units for use with liquid and gas flowmeters. All units are easily programmed through the front keypad or with a...