Boston Gear Datasheets for Torque Limiters and Slip Clutches

Torque limiters and slip clutches automatically slip or disengage the clutch at a predetermined torque.
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Product Name Notes
PDC Pneumatic Disconnect
POR H2000
VOR Vari-Torque
Overview Pneumatic style clutches offer a simple method of adjusting the torque and provide more accurate torque control than mechanical torque limiters. Mechanical torque limiters typically vary +/- 10% but...
HOR H1600 Wasdown Resistant Mechanical Torque Limiters
LOR Trig Light General Duty Mechanical Torque Limiter
ORC Trig-O-Matic Packaging Industry Mechanical Torque Limiters
WOR H1900 Waste Water Industry Mechanical Torque Limiters
Overview Single position mechanical torque limiters are designed to provide one exact detent position. This rotational position is often necessary to provide accurate timing of process equipment. System timing is...