Boston Gear WOR H1900 Waste Water Industry Mechanical Torque Limiters


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WOR H1900 Waste Water Industry Mechanical Torque Limiters -  - Boston Gear
Quincy, MA, USA
WOR H1900 Waste Water Industry Mechanical Torque Limiters
Overview Single position mechanical torque limiters are designed to provide one exact detent position. This rotational position is often necessary to provide accurate timing of process equipment. System timing is critical for packaging, filling, and capping type equipment. The design of all Centric clutches provides worry free years of accurate positioning. Mechanical style torque limiters are spring loaded clutches that provide more accurate torque protection than shear pins or friction style slip clutches. Shear pins and hubs can rust together offering no torque protection at all. The torque transmitted by friction style slip clutches can vary +/- 40% or more depending upon the humidity and other application factors. As the friction style clutch wears, the torque will drop off significantly unless it is continuously readjusted. Centric mechanical style torque limiters vary < 10%. Mechanical torque limiters are manually adjusted by changing the spring tension and provide years of consistent torque levels. The ORC clutch is a time proven clutch that has been around for decades. The HOR clutch is a ball detent style that can accommodate a wide torque range in a wash-down ready nickel plated clutch. The WOR style clutch was specifically designed for wastewater duty applications. Special designs and configurations with sprockets and couplings can be produced in short order. Applications Packaging equipment Bottling equipment Filling and capping equipment Indexing type tables Waste water drag conveyors Auxiliary pumps
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  Boston Gear
Product Category Mechanical Brake and Clutch Assemblies
Product Name WOR H1900 Waste Water Industry Mechanical Torque Limiters
Torque 43.3 to 2500.0 Ft-lbs (58.76 to 3390 N-m)
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