Fargo Controls, Inc. Datasheets for Elapsed Time Indicators (ETIs)

Elapsed time indicators (also known as ETIs, elapsed time meters, and hour meters) indicate, monitor, and record durations of time. The most common ETI is the hour meter, which records elapsed time in hours.
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Product Name Notes
Timer, 8925D Series -- 8925D
Timer, 8925D Series -- 8925DV
Electronic LCD counters that are battery powered (10-year battery life). They have an 8 digit LCD display, a push button reset, and accept a wide range of inputs including quadrature.
HK-47 AC, DC Series Hour meters are designed for the determination and monitoring of operating time, warranty period and maintenance intervals on electrically driven machines and devices. Typical applications are in mechanical processing, woodworking,...
Preset Counter, PS3 Series -- PS3-12 The PS3-12 & PS3-22 are 1 and 2 preset counters. They offer scaling, which allows for displaying of specific units or lengths. They accept a variety of inputs making them...
Hour Meter, DC Series -- HK-30 The small size of this series is ideal when space is limited. The HK-30 is non-resetable, accepts a variety of DC voltages and is available in panel and DIN rail...
Panel Mount Timer, TH Series -- TH-7AH
Panel Mount Timer, TH Series -- TH-7AM
Panel Mount Timer, TH Series -- TH-7NH
Panel Mount Timer, TH Series -- TH-7NM
Panel Mount Timer, TH Series -- TH-7PH
Panel Mount Timer, TH Series -- TH-7PM
The TH Series are elapsed timers that display time in hours or minutes. This series has a small panel footprint and is powered by a lithium battery. They have a...
Preset Timer Counter Tachometer -- TC-Pro482CRA
Preset Timer Counter Tachometer -- TC-Pro482CRD
This Fargo Controls Inc. is proud to announce its latest addition, the TC series. This series is a powerful 6-digit multifunction programmable preset Timer/Counter/Tachometer with a communication interface. It has...
Electromechanical Hour Meters -- HK-46 This series of 48x48mm (1.89x1.89") non-resetable electromechanical hour meters accepts a wide range of AC & DC voltages. FEATURES: Low Cost AC, DC or NEW Multifunction 12-240V AC/DC Input Voltage...