Fargo Controls, Inc. Datasheets for Zero Speed Switches

Zero speed switches are devices used to detect stoppage of a rotating shaft. They typically have one or more relays.
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Product Name Notes
Inductive Rotation Control -- S3431 CRT30 – R10L
Inductive Rotation Control -- S3432 CRT30 – R10L/V
Inductive Rotation Control -- S3433 CRT30 – R10V S
The CRT30 is a combination of a 30mm diameter inductive sensor and rotation control device. The operating distance of the sensor is between 4 and 6 mm on metallic material.
Programmable Electronic Rotation And Stop Control -- S3426D CRTP 24Vdc/ac
Programmable Electronic Rotation And Stop Control -- S3427D CRTP 110/220Vac
This device is composed of a central electronic unit that plugs into a socket and an inductive, capacitive or photoelectric sensor. Since the sensor is separate any number of sensors...