Fargo Controls, Inc. Datasheets for Digital Counters

Digital counters are electronic devices that perform a variety of counting functions. They may count single actions, provide totalizing, or perform other calculations.
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Product Name Notes
Preset Counter, PS3 Series -- PS3-SPA FEATURES: Up down counter/timer control AC/DC and self powered versions LCD display indicates both count and preset Accepts a wide range of industrial inputs PS3-11 & PS3-21 have prescaling of...
Totalizer, 8900D Series -- 8905D
Totalizer, 8900D Series -- 8905DQ
Totalizer, 8900D Series -- 8905DV
Electronic LCD counters that are battery powered (10-year battery life). They have an 8 digit LCD display, a push button reset, and accept a wide range of inputs including quadrature.
Totalizing Counter, PS2 T Series -- PS2TLA
Totalizing Counter, PS2 T Series -- PS2TLB
Electronic LED 6 digit counter, large .56" characters, accepts DC PNP inputs with a variety of functions. Features CSA Approval, CE Compliant Count speed up to 10k Hz No gears...
MicroCount Series Counter -- MicroCount I
MicroCount Series Counter -- MicroCount I/AS
MicroCount Series Counter -- MicroCount II
MicroCount Series Counter -- MicroCount IIR
MicroCount Series Counter -- MicroCount V
Miniature LCD counters that are available in 4, 6 and 8 digit models. Their low power consumption is ideal for battery powered applications. Panel and PCB mounting versions are available.
Panel Mount Counter, CH Series -- CH-7A
Panel Mount Counter, CH Series -- CH-7N
Panel Mount Counter, CH Series -- CH-7P
Our CH Series electronic LCD counters have a small panel footprint and are powered by a lithium battery. They have a 7-digit LCD display, a push button reset, and accept...
Preset Ratemeter, PS2 RP Series -- PS2RPA
Preset Ratemeter, PS2 RP Series -- PS2RPB
Series Preset Counter and Ratemeter, PS2 CR -- PS2CRA
Series Preset Counter and Ratemeter, PS2 CR -- PS2CRB
Series Preset Counter, PS2 CP -- PS2CPA
Series Preset Counter, PS2 CP -- PS2CPB
The PS2 Programmable Electronic Counter & Ratemeter displays count rate or total in several operating modes. Two preset outputs can control rate, count, batching, positioning, length, distance, flow, etc. All...
Preset Counter, PS3 Series -- PS3-12
Preset Counter, PS3 Series -- PS3-22
The PS3-12 & PS3-22 are 1 and 2 preset counters. They offer scaling, which allows for displaying of specific units or lengths. They accept a variety of inputs making them...
Preset Counter -- PS3-SP
Preset Counter -- PS3-SPS
The PS3-SP is a 6-digit battery powered predetermining counter. This unit accepts a wide range of AC/DC inputs. Its two-line display shows both the current count and the preset value.
Tachometers / Line Speed meter, RS Series The RS Series are panel mount Tachometers / Line Speed meters. Their programmable scaling makes them capable of displaying RPM, frequency and line speed as well other units of rate...
Preset Timer Counter Tachometer -- TC-Pro482CRA
Preset Timer Counter Tachometer -- TC-Pro482CRD
This Fargo Controls Inc. is proud to announce its latest addition, the TC series. This series is a powerful 6-digit multifunction programmable preset Timer/Counter/Tachometer with a communication interface. It has...