ThermOmegaTech® Drain Tempering Valve DTV

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Drain Tempering Valve - DTV - ThermOmegaTech®
Warminster, PA, United States
Drain Tempering Valve DTV
Operation The DTV can be used in applications where a high temperature discharge flow to a drain or sewer must be tempered with cold water. The DTV is installed into the drain line such that the hot effluent passes over the thermal actuator of the DTV and this thermal actuator controls the cold-water inlet port. If the hot effluent is above the specified set point, the DTV opens to allow injection of cold water. As the hot effluent cools, the DTV automatically modulates to reduce the cold-water inlet flow. At about 10°F below the full open temperature, the cold-water inlet is fully closed to conserve water. The DTV provides a convenient, economical, and easy to use method of tempering hot effluent flows. Since the DTV is open only when the effluent exceeds the specified set point temperature, it also conserves water by automatically turning off cold water when not needed. Benefits Compliant with drain temperature limitations of plumbing codes Prevents damage to PVC piping due to over-temperature conditions Minimizes water waste Easy to install Adaptable to almost any drain size Design Features Rugged, clog resistant valve design Install using standard pipe fittings and tools Operates in any orientation Modulates to conserve cooling water Effluent tempering capacity limited only by cold water flow rate through DTV
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number DTV
Product Name Drain Tempering Valve
Primary Material Brass / Bronze (optional feature); Stainless Steel
Number of Ports 2
Valve Type Control Valve; Drain; Mixing
Media Water; Hot Water; Cold Water  ; Potable Water
Actuation Thermally
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