Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd. ToF Ranging Sensor HPS-166S-L

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ToF Ranging Sensor - HPS-166S-L - Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd.
Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, China
ToF Ranging Sensor HPS-166S-L
This sensor is a Time-of-Flight ranging sensor that can measure the distance between the sensor and the targets.There are totally 13 models with the maximum measuring range of 40m. It can be used for parking lot vacancy detection,obstace avoidance for drones, autonomous mobile robots and AGV, drone's altitude holding and so on.
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Technical Specifications

  Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd.
Product Category Linear Position Sensors
Product Number HPS-166S-L
Product Name ToF Ranging Sensor
Sensor Technology Time of Flight Optical Position Sensor
Operating Temperature 14 to 131 F (-10 to 55 C)
Length 1.26 inch (32 mm)
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