OPW Engineered Systems Model 8300 Series Thermistor Rack Monitors


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Lebanon, OH, USA
Model 8300 Series Thermistor Rack Monitors
Civacon thermistor rack monitors are used with up to six compatible thermistor liquid level sensors or onboard monitors to monitor the status of liquid within transports (compartments) or other storage tanks. Overfill detection systems, such as the 8300 series thermistor rack monitors, provide automatic warning of product overflow at predetermined levels and warn of pending overflow conditions. The 8300 series, thermistor rack monitors use the standard thermistor signal format within the industry to communicate with an onboard control monitor or straight thermistor system on transports.
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Technical Specifications

  OPW Engineered Systems
Product Category Level Sensors
Product Name Model 8300 Series Thermistor Rack Monitors
Mounting Options Top mount
Device Classification Sensor System
Output Options AnalogVoltage; Alarm / Visual Indicator
Communication Interface Options Other Interface Type
Features Built in alarm indicator; Controller
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