ABB Measurement & Analytics Ultrasonic Level Transmitter LST400

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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter - LST400 - ABB Measurement & Analytics
Zurich, Switzerland
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter LST400
The transmitter’s microprocessor simultaneously fires an electronic pulse to the transducer and starts a timer. The transducer converts this electronic pulse to an acoustic pulse, which is directed toward the surface of the material being measured. When the acoustic pulse contacts the surface of the material, energy is reflected back to the transducer, which converts this reflected energy back to an electronic pulse. This pulse is sent back to the microprocessor, which stops the timer and determines the “time of flight” of the signal. By combining the speed of sound through air and the “time of flight” of the pulse, the microprocessor accurately determines the level of the product. Powerful software removes false echoes from the signal and electronic filters remove ambient noise.
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Technical Specifications

  ABB Measurement & Analytics
Product Category Level Sensors
Product Number LST400
Product Name Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Device Classification Transmitter
User Interface Digital Front Panel
Level Measurement Type Single Point or Multi-Point Level
Media Type Liquid
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