Westek Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are devices that join electrical circuits together. Male connectors plug into receptacles, jacks, and outlets. Female connectors contain sockets to receive other devices.
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Product Name Notes
25 Female Gender changer
25 Male Gender Changer
3 Conductor adapter. Converts bantam to 310. Nickle Plated Blue
3 Conductor adapter. Converts bantam to 310. Nickle Plated Red
3 Conductor bantam terminating plug. 100ohm3 Conductor bantam terminating plug. 600ohm
3 Conductor dual bantam looping plug
800 Duplex looping plug. Loops in both directions
9 Female Gender Changer
9 Male Gender Changer
Adapter plug allows use of standard PBX/ACD headset with modular telephones. PBX headsets equipped with the standard PJ327 dual brass plug may now plug into telephone consoles with 4X4 jack.
Coax Adapter
PA 054345 000 400B2 "piggyback" adapter contains one 8 position 6 conductor plug; one 8 position 8 conductor jack; and one 6 position 2 conductor jack. It is used to...
PA 05437 000 267F2 "Piggyback" adapter contains one 6 position 4-conductor modualr plug and one 6 position 2-conductor jack and one 6 position 4-conductor jack. These adapters are used to...
TC-W425 (replaces W.E. 425A) 3 conductor (tip, ring, sleeve) electrically independent self-aliging plugs, on .625 inch (15.875mm) centers. Mates with all standard 3 conductor jacks. Shell notched for polarity. Standard...
TC-W478 adapts modular headset or headsets to plug into standard PBX dual jacks (223A, 226A, etc.) 4 conductor 616P modualr jack in rear of shell wired to PJ327 plugs mounted...
The 440A4 ISDN Terminating Resistor Adapter is used to balance the cable plant between the receiver and transmitter on the ISDN T-interface. It can be located or placed in the...