Westek Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Wire, Cable, and Connector Tools

Wire, cable and connector tools are used to assemble and install wires, cables and connectors.
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Product Name Notes
P2FM Shorting Tool -- TC-P2FMST Looped plug-in, (P2FM equivalent), used in recess test terminal for shorting purposes. (For AT&T 310)
Porta Shorting Tool -- TC-P2LXST Looped plug-in, used in recess test terminal for shorting purposes.(For 503, 505, 556P, porta connector blocks).
Terminal Lug Cap Puller -- TC-TLCP Terminal lug cap puller
MDF Shorting Cord -- TC-P2EFST Used to short or to ground the tip and/or ring plugs to recessed terminals on 300 series connectors (expect 310) Equivalent to P2EF Standard 1'4"