KITZ Corporation of America Datasheets for Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves control flow through a circular disc or vane by turning the valve's pivot axis at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe. They are normally used as throttling valves to control flow.
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Product Name Notes
XJ Series Butterfly Valves KITZ XJ Series aluminum butterfly valves : Featured with unique interchangeability of the neck designs(U.S.P No.6676109), for accommodation of various piping designs, piping positions and installation environments.
EJ Series Butterfly Valves The 3 type of seat material are; VMQ(Silicone rubber) which can be used for a wide range of temperature applications, W-NBR(White NBR), which is suitable for use in the food...
DJ Series Butterfly Valves The DJ-series is a ductile butterfly valve using molded-in (bonded) seat structure
UB Series Butterfly Valves The UB-series incorporates stainless steel manufacture for vital elements and double eccentric construction