GIMATIC S.r.l. Datasheets for Linear Actuators

Electric linear actuators have an output rod that provides linear motion via a motor driven ball screw, lead screw or ACME screw assembly. The actuator's load is attached to the end of a screw or rod and is often unsupported.
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Product Name Notes
Double stroke slide for large sprue grippers • Double-effect main cylinder with piston bore 32mm and stroke 35mm. • Single-acting intermediate stopper. • Dia. 36mm clamp for GN-10 actuator. •
Electrical linear actuators • Integrated linear motor. • Integrated encoder sensor. • Recirculating ball-bearing guide system. • 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm strokes. • T-nut mounting. • M12 standard electrical...
General purpose, single-acting, anti-rotation mini cylinders • Piston bore: 10mm, 16mm, 25mm. • Stroke: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm. • Several accessories MFI... for the clamp mounting on the external diameter. •
Guided cylinder with twin rods • Double acting. • Piston bore: 40mm. • Stroke: 30mm or 50mm. • Several mounting accessories. • Optional magnetic sensors. • FDA-H1 food-grade grease.
One finger elastic module • Single acting with spring reset. • Clampable Ø20mm body. • Several mounting accessories. • Modularity.
Pneumatic lift units (series P25) • Hannover IF Design Award 1999 winner. • Bore 25mm. • Stroke 50mm and 100mm. • No backlash. • High stiffness. • 5000km maintenance free.
Pneumatic linear actuators (series M25) • Hannover IF Design Award 1999 winner. • Bore 25mm. • Strokes 50/100/160/200/300/400 mm. • No backlash. • High stiffness. • 5000km maintenance free. •
Short stroke pneumatic cylinder, with non-rotative through hole rod and mounting stud • Double-effect. • Two sizes available. • Through hole for vacuum cup feeding. • Three grooves with balls...
Slides for air nippers actuators • Sliding nippers (with multiple cut action for harder to cut sprues) can be assembled. • Available in two sizes: bore 16 and 25 mm.
Vacuum actuator series VAQ • Operated by vacuum only. • The extension and the retraction movements are automatically actuated. • The stroke is self-adjusting. • Option VAQN for anti-rotation rod.