GIMATIC S.r.l. Datasheets for Linear Position Sensors

Linear position sensors is a general search form for all linear position / displacement detection product areas.
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Product Name Notes
Encoder Sensors -- SE Series Transducers and sensors ML linear motors and LV and LVP linear actuators can be supplied with transducers and sensors to control the motion. Codes SE9ABZ1 and SE9SIN1 identify the incremental...
Inductive Sensors -- SI Series Inductive proximity switch
Optical Sensors -- SO Series Optical sensors • M18x1 mm photoelectric sensors. • 100 mm background suppression without adjustment. • PNP/NPN digital output, with programmable LO (Light Operate) or DO (Dark Operate) pulse logic. •
Ultrasonic Sensors -- SU Series Ultrasonic sensor • M18x1 mm ultrasonic sensors. • PNP/NPN digital output with NO or NC programmable logic. • 40-300 mm sensing range with programmable point via External Teach. • M12,...