Stanley Vidmar Datasheets for Safety Storage Cabinets

Safety Storage Cabinets are cabinets or casework for safety applications such as flammable and corrosive securement and storage.
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Product Name Notes
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC30M
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC30SC
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC45M
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC45SC
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC60M
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC60SC
A simple, efficient way to store hazardous or dangerous materials on-site, Stanley® Vidmar® safety storage cabinets are available for the storage of flammables. Features: Grounding attachment included Finished with...
Acid/Corrosive Cabinet Model -- CAC30M
Acid/Corrosive Cabinet Model -- CAC45M
Acid/Corrosive Cabinet Model -- CAC60M
Stanley Vidmar acid/corrosive safety storage cabinets are designed for the storage of up to 5 gallon containers of flammable and nonflammable acids and corrosive liquids. All acid/corrosive safety cabinet surfaces...
Paint/Ink Safety Cabinets -- PIC40M
Paint/Ink Safety Cabinets -- PIC60M
Stanley Vidmar paint/ink safety storage cabinets safety store printing inks and other paint products. All safety cabinets are finished with a high gloss yellow epoxy powder finish. Features: Fire...