Stanley Vidmar Datasheets for Cabinets and Casework

Cabinets and casework includes cabinets and casework for various uses and applications. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or composite materials.
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Product Name Notes
Tool Shelf Cabinets Features: Ideal for bulk material storage (gloves, cloths, rags, boxes, etc.) Available with or without doors Equipped with a magnetic catch (locks are also available) Constructed to same dimensions and...
Tool Shelf Cabinets With Mess Doors Features: Provide visibility into the cabinet while keeping stored items out of the reach of unauthorized users Allow airflow to help evaporate moisture or provide ventilation to heat-generating items...
Flammable Safety Cabinets
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC30M
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC30SC
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC45M
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC45SC
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC60M
Flammables Cabinet Model -- FLC60SC
A simple, efficient way to store hazardous or dangerous materials on-site, Stanley® Vidmar® safety storage cabinets are available for the storage of flammables. Features: Grounding attachment included Finished with...
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC245530V120
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC245540V120
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC245545V75
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC245550V75
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC34030V160
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC34035V160
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC34040V160
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC34045V100
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC34045V75
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC34050V100
CNC Tool Storage Cabinet -- CNC34050V75
Available in 2 heights and 12 drawer configurations, Stanley® Vidmar® CNC tool storage cabinet includes a patented Single Drawer Release feature that prevents the opening of more than one drawer...
Cabinet Fastners and Abrasives -- RP2107AL
Cabinet For Taps and Cutters -- RP2105AL
Cabinet Gauges and Other Tools -- RP2106AL
Desk Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- PSTB28008
Desk Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB2801A
Desk Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB2802A
Desk Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB2803A
Desk Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB2804A
Desk Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB2805A
Desk Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB2806A
Desk Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB2807A
Desk Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB2808A
Preconfigured Standard Cabinet For Drills -- RP2104AL
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- PSTB31009
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- PSTB350010
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- PSTB420012
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3101A
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3102A
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3103A
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3104A
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3105A
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3501A
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3502A
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3503A
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3504A
Table Height Preconfigured Cabinet -- TB3505A
Based on the cabinet configurations used most today, Stanley® Vidmar® preconfigured cabinets are available in your choice of height, size, drawer interior, and color-and backed by Vidmar's lifetime guarantee! Features:...
Drawer Cabinet -- RP 3404AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1080AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1134AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1135AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1136AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1138AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1144AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1145AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1147AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1148AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1149AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1171AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1420AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1939AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1940AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1941AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1942AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1943AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP1944AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP2102AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP2143AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP2144AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP2145AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP2146AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP2147AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP2148AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP2149AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP2151AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3039AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3098AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3500AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3501AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3502AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3503AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3504AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3505AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3506AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3507AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3508AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3509AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3510AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3511AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3512AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3520AL
Drawer Cabinet -- RP3521AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1004AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1023AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1072AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1904AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1905A
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1910AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1917AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1918AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1920A
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU1927A
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU2066AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU2070AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU3014AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU3110AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU3144AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU3163AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SCU3389AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1004AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1012AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1023AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1037AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1045AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1064AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1401AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1402AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1404AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1704AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP1705AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP2012AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP2025AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP2029AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP2066AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3026AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3054AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3110AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3126AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3140AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3144AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3163AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3189AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3203AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3214AL
Drawer Cabinet -- SEP3219AL
Based on the cabinet configurations used most today, Stanley® Vidmar® preconfigured modular cabinets are available in your choice of height, size, drawer interior, and color—and backed by Vidmar's lifetime guarantee...
5S Cabinet Fulfill Lean, 5S, and Kaizen storage requirements with the Stanley® Vidmar® 5S Cabinet. By organizing and better managing your workspace, you can improve efficiency by optimizing workflow. Ideal for manufacturing...
Under-Bench Preconfigured Cabinet -- UB40202
Under-Bench Preconfigured Cabinet -- UB40401
Under-Bench Preconfigured Cabinet -- UB60201401
Under-Bench Preconfigured Cabinet -- UB60203
Under-Bench Preconfigured Cabinet -- UB60302
Under-Bench Preconfigured Cabinet -- UB60601
Fully customize your Stanley® Vidmar® workstation with an array of tough accessories for an array of tough jobs! All workstation accessories are backed by Stanley Vidmar’s lifetime guarantee. Features: Ideal...
Overhead Storage Cabinets Ideal for existing cabinet storage systems or new cabinet system installations, Stanley® Vidmar® overhead storage (OS) cabinets provide additional heavy-duty storage space above cabinets. Features: Manufactured to the same dimensions...
Metal Containers Maximize storage space inside containers with Stanley® Vidmar® shipping cabinets. Features: Ideal for quadcons, tricons, ISU and ISO containers Preconfigured and custom-configured options Fully utilize left-to-right and vertical storage space...
Heavy Duty Locker Protect your gear and personal effects with Stanley® Vidmar® heavy-duty specialty lockers. Features: Safely store your personal protection equipment including gloves, breathing apparatus, and ear/eye protection Dedicated drawer storage prevents...
Acid/Corrosive Cabinet Model -- CAC30M
Acid/Corrosive Cabinet Model -- CAC45M
Acid/Corrosive Cabinet Model -- CAC60M
Stanley Vidmar acid/corrosive safety storage cabinets are designed for the storage of up to 5 gallon containers of flammable and nonflammable acids and corrosive liquids. All acid/corrosive safety cabinet surfaces...
Paint/Ink Safety Cabinets -- PIC40M
Paint/Ink Safety Cabinets -- PIC60M
Stanley Vidmar paint/ink safety storage cabinets safety store printing inks and other paint products. All safety cabinets are finished with a high gloss yellow epoxy powder finish. Features: Fire...
Inert Gas Housing Stanley Vidmar’s StaticGard™ series is a full line of Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD)-protective storage equipment designed to help create a static-safe work environment. Features: Storage cabinet housings designed for holding inert...
StaticGard/ESD Protected Cabinet -- SGRP2102AL
StaticGard/ESD Protected Cabinet -- SGSEP2029AL
StaticGard/ESD Protected Eight Drawers -- SGSEP3140AL
StaticGard/ESD Protected Five Drawers -- SGRP2102AL
StaticGard/ESD Protected Nine Drawers
StaticGard/ESD Protected Seven Drawers -- SGSEP3144AL
StaticGard/ESD Protected Six Drawers -- SGSEP2029AL
Stanley Vidmar's StaticGard™ series is a full line of Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD)-protective storage equipment designed to help create a static-safe work environment.
Computer Cabinet -- LWPCC
Computer Cabinet -- PCC0340A
Computer Cabinet -- PCM0340A
Computer Cabinet -- XLPCC
Stanley® Vidmar® computer storage cabinets provide the ultimate platform for high-impact computer storage and performance! Features: Designed to accommodate an array of computer housing situations Backed by our lifetime guarantee...
Mobilization Container Cabinets Stanley® Vidmar® innovatively combines storage cabinets and shelving to form our space-saving mobilization container cabinets. Features: Perfect for everything from large bulky items to miniscule parts Available with hinged or...
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- DLPL165
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- DWPD165
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- LWPD165
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- PS6032
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- SLPD165
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- STPD165
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- SVPD165
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- WCP-UNIV-ST
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- WCP65-M4-ST
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- WCP65-M50-ST
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- WCP70-M240-ST
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- XLPD165
U.S. Army-Certified Small Arms Storage -- XWPD165
The security of your weapons is of the highest priority. So is knowing they're exactly where you need them when you need them most. Features: Highest level of security for...
Toolboxes The verdict’s in—Stanley® Vidmar® toolboxes are some of the toughest, longest-lasting storage components in the world today! Better yet, every inch of your Stanley® Vidmar® toolbox is fully customizable, from...
Mobile Control Centers Today’s most flexible in-plant floor control center, Stanley® Vidmar® mobile control centers. Features: High-density storage cabinet Corner desk Bookcase Safety panel Integral pallet base Safety panel prevents chair roll-away...
Jobox Job Site Storage Box When you’re looking for tough storage solutions on your job site, look no further than the new Stanley Vidmar JBX. With a lifetime guarantee, our heavy-duty, durable tool storage stands...
Outdoor Storage Cabinets When you’ve outgrown your existing space, the Outdoor Store is your most expedient, economical solution. Developed in partnership with Ban-Air™ Storage Systems, the Outdoor Store is a fully steel-clad warehouse...