Saint-Gobain Innovative Materials Datasheets for Thermal Spray Coatings

Thermal spray coatings are made of metal, ceramic, composite, and polymer materials that are engineered for deposition using arc wire, combustion wire, plasma, high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF), vacuum plasma spraying (VPS), or other specialized spray processes.
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Product Name Notes
Applications: Blades, pistons, crusher mill. . Under-coat for TUF-COTE
Applications: High abrasion and erosion resistance. Used with TUF-COTE: blades
Applications: Scrappers, crushers, conveyers screws, mixers, blenders
High resistance to wear and corrosion; coating finish, screws
Rokide® rods are available in many ceramic oxide compositions for a wide range of applications. ROKIDE® rods are sprayed through portable ROKIDE® spray units driven by electricity.
Saint-Gobain powders deliver the best spray performance and value for all types of applications involving wear and corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, and electrical insulation. These powders are used successfully throughout...
Since many years, Saint-Gobain Coating-Solutions manufactures and markets hard-facing Flexicords made of tungsten carbide particles mixed within a self fluxing nickel matrix. These Flexicords are sold under several trade marks...
Thermal Spray Flexicords are an alternative to produce metallic and ceramic coatings using a universal flame spray gun. Our Thermal Spray Flexicords are tailored to fit to specific requirements such...