Hach Datasheets for Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrodes

Oxygen reduction potential (ORP) electrodes are analytical sensors for measuring oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).
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Product Name Notes
pH & ORP Sensors -- 12mm Combination Ph/ORP Sensor Common menu guides reduce variability and provide step-by-step procedures for maintenance and pH/ ORP calibration. This standard ¾" and 12 mm pH/ORP sensor deliver fast and accurate measurement.
pH & ORP Sensors -- LCP ORP Sensors LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer), Convertible Mounting Style, 4.5m Analog Cable, 5-Wire with Built-In Preamplifier, General Purpose platinum or gold ORP electrode Exceptional Performance with the Differential Electrode Measurement Technique Lower...
pH & ORP Sensors -- Differential ORP Sensors ORP Sensors with Integrated Digital Electronics for Plug and Play Capability with Hach's Digital SC Controllers. Available in PEEK, Ryton, or Stainless Steel body materials and in multiple mounting styles.
pH & ORP Sensors -- 8362 sc High Purity Sensors pH and ORP sensor for high purity, low conductivity applications, ideal for the power, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries
pH & ORP Sensors -- Combination pH/ORP Sensors These combination sensors are designed for specialty applications for immersion or in-line mounting. The reference cell features a double-junction design for extended service life, and a built-in solution ground. The...