Wayne Kerr Electronics Datasheets for Capacitance Meters

Capacitance meters measure the value of capacitance in circuit elements.
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Product Name Notes
Inductance Analyzer -- 3255B
Inductance Analyzer -- 3255BL
Inductance Analyzer -- 3255BQ
3255B and 3255BQ are highly versatile and accurate inductance analyzers able to characterise devices in a clear and simple manner. The three models in the range are the 3255BL (200kHz),...
LCR Meter -- 4310
LCR Meter -- 43100
LCR Meter -- 4320
LCR Meter -- 4350
A range of easy to use LCR meters with comprehensive measurement functions. Accurate and fast measurements may be made from 20Hz to 1MHz (43100) making the 4300 series the ideal...
High Frequency LCR Meter -- 6505P
High Frequency LCR Meter -- 6510P
High Frequency LCR Meter -- 65120P
High Frequency LCR Meter -- 6515P
High Frequency LCR Meter -- 6520P
High Frequency LCR Meter -- 6530P
High Frequency LCR Meter -- 6550P
Accuracy and versatility makes the HF LCR Meters the ideal choice for many different tasks and applications in manufacturing and test. The wide range of frequency specifications means that a...
Precision Magnetics Analyzer -- 3260B At the design stage of component development it is vitally important to understand how the component performs under different operating conditions. This might include operation at diverse frequencies, AC drive...
Precision Component Analyzer -- 6430B
Precision Component Analyzer -- 6440B
The 6430B and 6440B Precision Component Analyzers provide thorough and accurate testing of any passive component to high resolution. In particular, for capacitor manufacturers, the instruments provide capabilities for both...
Precision Impedance Analyzer -- 6505B
Precision Impedance Analyzer -- 6510B
Precision Impedance Analyzer -- 65120B
Precision Impedance Analyzer -- 6515B
Precision Impedance Analyzer -- 6520B
Precision Impedance Analyzer -- 6530B
Precision Impedance Analyzer -- 6550B
The 6500B series of Precision Impedance Analyzers provide precise and fast testing of components at frequencies up to 120 MHz. Basic measurement accuracy is ±0.05% making the instruments the best...