Efore, Inc. Datasheets for Medical Power Supplies

Medical power supplies are power supplies designed to produce conditioned outputs for medical devices, instruments, and equipment.
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Product Name Notes
PoMo 300 -RU DC Power System -- 95M080
PoMo 300 -RU DC Power System -- 95M100
POMO 300 is optimised for 24 V applications such as industry battery chargers and small telecom or industry systems. Depending on configuration the maximum output power is 240 W to...
PSM 24-300 Rectifier Module -- PM243 PSM is a 240 W single-phase, convection cooled rectifier module for telecom and industry applications. PSM 24-300 is used in POMO 24-300 DC power systems. PSM 24-300 is designed and...
ERM 48/60-300 Rectifier Module -- 92M018 The ERM rectifier modules are designed and optimised for demanding telecom and industry applications. The convection cooled ERM 48/60-300 rectifier is a building block of the EPOS Mini power systems.