Chevron Lubricants Datasheets for Rust and Corrosion Inhibiting Fluids

Rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors are lubricants, greases, oils or fluid additives that form a protective film or barrier to prevent corrosion or rust formation.
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Product Name Notes
Coolants -- Delo XLI Delo XLI is a low-toxicity, environmentally friendly inhibitor concentrate that provides extended life corrosion protection in aqueous solutions for all engines metals, including iron, steel, brass, copper and solder alloys.
Gear Lubricants -- HiPerSYN® Oils Provide outstanding thermal and oxidation stability for industrial bearings and gears that require an R&O-type synthetic gear oil. .
Turbine Oils -- Regal® R&O Recommended for use in electric motor bearings, air compressors, gears, hydroelectric turbines, steam turbines, marine turbines, and non-heavy duty hydraulic systems where OEM recommends R&O type oils. Multifunctional characteristics may...