Fabory North America Datasheets for Anchors

Anchors are mechanical fasteners that attach an object to a support structure. Product categories include concrete anchors, expansion anchors, lag screw anchors, machine anchors, screw anchors, spring anchors, wall anchors, and wedge anchors. Toggle bolts are also available.
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Product Name Notes
Adjustable Fixings with Screws Adjustable anchoring fixings with screws.
Adjustable Screws Adjustable anchoring screws.
Anchors Bolts Type FAZ Anchor bolts type FAZ.
Turbo FTP Plastic Anchors Anchor turbo FTP plastic twist lock.
Turbo FTP Steel Anchors Anchor turbo twist lock FTP steel.
Saddle Plugs Anchoring saddle.
Anchors Type PA Anchors type PA.
Bolt Anchors
Bolt Anchors
Bolt anchors.
Bow (chain) Shackles Stainless Steel Bow (chain) shackles stainless steel.
Bow (chain) Shackles Bow (chain) shackles.
Cavity Fixing Plugs Cavity fixing anchor.
Capsule Anchors Chemical capsule anchors.
Injection Anchors Chemical injection anchors.
Bushes Concrete insert bush.
Bushes Concrete insert bushes.
Pipe Plugs Concrete insert pipe plugs.
Inserts 90 Bent End with Nailing Plate Type 1130 Concrete inserts 90º bent end, with nailing plate type 1130.
90 Bent End Inserts without Nailing Plate Type 1140 Concrete inserts 90º bent end, without nailing plate type 1140.
Inserts without Nailing Plate Type 1036 Concrete Inserts, without nailing plate type 1036.
Inserts without Nailing Plate with Cross Pin Type 1074A Concrete Inserts, without nailing plate with cross pin type 1074A.
Inserts without Nailing Plate with Hole Type 995G Concrete inserts, without nailing plate with hole type 995G.
Cover Caps for Window Frame Screws Cover caps for window frame screws.
Dee (chain) Shackles Commercial Type Dee (chain) shackle, commercial type.
Dee (chain) Shackles Stainless Steel Dee (chain) shackles stainless steel.
Dee (chain) Shackles Dee (chain) shackles.
Dowel Screws ST.ST. Dowel screws ST. ST.
Dowel Screws Dowel screws.
Expanding Plugs Expanding anchor plugs.
Expanding Anchors AB Expanding anchors AB.
Expansion Shield Anchors Type M Expansion anchoring shield type M.
Expansion Shield Anchors with Hexagon Head Screws Expansion anchoring shield with hexagon head screw.
Expansion Shield Anchors with Projecting Bolts Expansion anchoring shield with projecting bolt.
Expansion Shield Anchors Expansion anchoring shield.
Eye Bolts DIN 444B Eye bolts DIN 444B.
Eye Bolts Fully Threaded DIN 444LG Eye bolts fully threaded DIN 444LG.
Frame Fixing Screws F-M Frame fixing screw F-M.
Frame Fixing Screws S-R Frame fixing screws S-R.
Hammer Fix Plugs N-D Hammer fix plugs N-D.
Hammer Fix Plugs N-FZ Hammer fix plugs N-FZ.
Hammer Fix Plugs N-Z
Long Shaft Fixing Plugs
Hammer fix plugs N-Z.
Hammer in Anchors SA Hammer in anchors SA.
Hammer in Anchors SDA Hammer in anchors SDA.
Hammer in Anchors Hammer in anchors.
Hexagon Flange Metric Bolts Fine Thread Hexagon flange bolts metric fine thread.
Hexagon Flange Metric Bolts Hexagon flange bolts metric thread.
Hexagon Nuts for Threaded Rods for Shuttering - KN Hexagon nuts for threaded rods for shuttering.
Hexagon Turnbuckles Hexagon turnbuckles.
Hook Anchors Hook anchors and masonry bolts.
Internal Threaded Anchors Type RG-MI Internal threaded chemical anchors type RG MI.
Metric Lifting Eye Bolts Lifting eye bolts metric.
Non-Metric Lifting Eye Bolts Lifting eye bolts non metric.
Lifting Eye Nuts BSW Lifting eye nuts BSW.
Lifting Eye Nuts Lifting eye nuts.
Masonry Bolts Type A Masonry anchoring bolts type A.
Masonry Bolts Type E Masonry anchoring bolts type E.
Metric Cup Hooks Metrical cup hook.
Metric Gate Hooks Metrical gate hooks.
Metric Safety Swing Hooks Metrical safety swing hooks.
Metric Screw Eyes Metrical screw eyes.
Metric Square Hooks Metrical square hooks.
Nail Sleeve Plugs Type FNH Nail sleeves anchor type FNH.
Non-Metric Heavy Screw Eyes Non metrical heavy model screw eyes.
Non-Metric Long Screw Eyes Non metrical long model screw eyes.
Non-Metric Screw Eyes Non metrical screw eyes.
Non-Metric Cup Hooks
Non-Metric Cup Hooks with Small Hook
Non-metrical cup hooks.
Non-Metric Gate Hooks Non-metrical gate hooks.
Non-Metric Safety Swing Hooks Non-metrical safety swing hooks.
Non-Metric Square Hooks with Cross Non-metrical square hooks with cross.
Non-Metric Square Hooks with Point Non-metrical square hooks with point.
Non-Metric Square Hooks with Point Non-metrical square hooks.
Plasterboard Fixing Plugs Plasterboard fixing anchor.
Rawlnut Plugs Rawlnut anchoring plug.
Rings for Safety Swing Hooks Rings for safety swing hooks.
S-Hooks S-hooks.
Safety Anchors Type B Safety anchors type B.
Safety Anchors Type FH-B Safety anchors type FH-B.
Safety Anchors Type FH-S Safety anchors type FH-S.
Safety Anchors Type S Safety anchors type S.
Screw Anchors without Screw Screw anchors without screws.
Self Drilling Anchors for Plaster Board Self drilling anchors for plaster board.
Self Tapping Screw Anchors Type BT Self tapping screw anchor type BT.
Snap Hooks Snap hooks.
T-Head Bolts with Square Neck T-Head bolts with square neck.
Thimbles Thimbles.
Threaded Stud Anchors Maxima Threaded chemical anchor stud.
Threaded Stud Anchors RG Threaded chemical stud anchor RG.
Threaded Rods for Shuttering Threaded rods for shuttering.
Toggle Plugs Toggle anchor plugs.
Turnbuckles Eye and Eye w/o DIN Turnbuckles eye and eye ≠ DIN.
Turnbuckles Eye and Eye Zinc Plated and Hot Dip Galvanized Turnbuckles eye and eye zinc plated and hot dip galvanized.
Turnbuckles Hook and Eye w/o DIN Turnbuckles hook and eye ≠ DIN.
Turnbuckles Hook and Eye Zinc Plated and Hot Dip Galvanized Turnbuckles hook and eye zinc plated and hot dip galvanized.
Turnbuckles Hook and Hook w/o DIN Turnbuckles hook and hook ≠ DIN.
Turnbuckles Hook and Hook Turnbuckles hook and hook.
Turnbuckles Made From Tubes Turnbuckles made from tubes.
Turnbuckles with Two Flay Eyes Turnbuckles with two flat eyes.
Turnbuckles Two Welding g Ends Turnbuckles with two welding ends.
Turnbuckles Zinc Plated And Hot Dip Galvanized Turnbuckles zinc plated and hot dip galvanized
Twist Lock Anchors GB Twist lock anchors GB.
U-Bolts U-bolts.
Universal Plugs UX/UX-R Universal plug UX/UX-R.
Wall Plugs MS Wall anchor plugs MS.
Wall Plugs S Wall anchor plugs S.
Wall Plugs SX Wall anchor plugs SX.
Wall Plugs Universal Wall anchor plugs universal.
Wall Plugs FABORY Wall anchor plugs, FABORY.
Wedge Anchors Fix II
Wedge Anchors M
Wedge anchors.
Window Frame Screws Window frame screws.
Wire Rope Clips Stainless Steel Wire rope clips stainless steel.
Wire Rope Clips Wire rope clips.