T. W. Evans Cordage Datasheets for Natural Fibers and Fabrics

Natural fibers and fabrics consist of bulk fibers, yarns, or woven cloth manufactured from plant materials such as cotton, wool, linen (flax), sisal, jute, hemp, or silk.
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Product Name Notes
A 3 strand cotton/polyester blend rope. This is a soft rope that is used when rope abrasion is a factor
A specialty cord designed for use on clothesline pulley lines where exra strength and durability are required. Inner core is 3/32" galvanized wire coated with vinyl. The cover is solid...
All of our cotton wrapping twine is made from a blend of polyester and cotton. The exceptions are 3 and 4 ply which are usually all cotton. The all cotton...
Because of its softness and good tying qualitites, jute is often used where strength is a factor. It is excellent for gardening, household tying, etc.
Braided cotton jacket with strong durable synthetic core. Low stretch and easy knotting qualitites make this a great product for clotheslines, tie downs, and many others uses.
Cotton beef twine is cello-wrapped and labeled
Cotton twine
Made from 4's yarn to ensure maximum penetration of polished. Designed as a "butcher twine", this may also be used for tying crafts and any place a smooth and rounded...
Manufactured from high grade 8's yarn. Regularly furnished in a medium laid. Cable wound for best appearance and performance. Used for chalk line, mason line macrame tying and many other...
Small diameter cotton braided cord. Highest quality. Ideal for many uses - venetian blind, crafts, plumb lines, etc.
Some special usages require a 100% cotton content.
The clothesline that looks like sash cord and has high strength, low stretch and solid braided construction.
Theater cord