High Performance Alloys, Inc. Datasheets for Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys

Cobalt and cobalt alloys are non-ferrous metals with high strength and toughness, excellent high temperature strength and resistance, and good corrosion resistance.
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Product Name Notes
Haynes 25® / L605 -- Bar
Haynes 25® / L605 -- Foil
Haynes 25® / L605 -- Plate
Haynes 25® / L605 -- Sheet
Haynes 25® / L605 -- Strip
Haynes 25® / L605 -- Wire
High Performance Alloys stocks and produces HAYNES 25 (L605) in this grade in the following forms: Bar, wire, fasteners and forgings. Nominal Chemistry The major alloying elements are as follows:...
HPA Cobalt 6B -- Bar
HPA Cobalt 6B -- Ingot
HPA Cobalt 6B -- Plate
HPA Cobalt 6B -- Sheet
Wear Resistant (Co-Cr-W) Cobalt 6B is a cobalt based chromium, tungsten alloy for wear environments where seizing, galling and abrasion are present. 6B is resistant to seizing and galling and...
HPA Cobalt 6B H -- Bar
HPA Cobalt 6B H -- Ingot
HPA Cobalt 6B H -- Plate
HPA Cobalt 6B H -- Sheet
Wear Resistant (Co-Cr-W) Chemistry of AMS 5894. This material surpasses 6K with better ductility, with the same good hardness. HPA COBALT alloy 6B H is the same composition of Cobalt...