Fuji Impulse America Corp. Datasheets for Bags and Sacks

Bags and sacks are used for a wide variety of storage, packaging and shipping applications. They include bags and sacks made of all kinds of materials.
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Product Name Notes
Aluminum Foil Bag -- AL-20
Aluminum Foil Bag -- IA-14
Aluminum Foil Bag -- IA-28
Aluminum Foil Bag -- IA-55
IA series is the Aluminum laminated bag that has the absolute barrier to UV ray and exposure to the lights as well as moisture and oxygen. This most versatile bag...
Electric Conductive Bag -- IB-1015
Electric Conductive Bag -- IB-1520
Electric Conductive Bag -- IB-2030
Electric Conductive Bag -- IB-3045
IB series, which uses carbon as a film material, is black colored non-transparent pouch with excellent electric conductivity. IB series also boasts of a stable electric resistance not dependent on...
Anti-Static Packing Material -- IR-0715
Anti-Static Packing Material -- IR-1015
Anti-Static Packing Material -- IR-1522
Anti-Static Packing Material -- IR-2030
Anti-Static Packing Material -- IR-3040
IR series is a semi-transparent Electro Static Dissipative bag for packaging products vulnerable to static electricity. It is non-staining because the surfactant is not used. Since resin itself has anti-static...
Anti-Static Bag -- IZ-20
Anti-Static Bag -- IZ-30
Anti-Static Bag -- IZ-40
Anti-Static Bag -- IZ-65
IZ series protects products such as precision parts or semiconductor wafers from contamination at the time of shipment or sending them to the next process. This bag is washed and...