Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd. Datasheets for Measuring Microscopes

Measuring microscopes are used by toolmakers for measuring the properties of tools.  These microscopes are often used for dimensional measurement with lower magnifying powers to allow for brighter, sharper images combined with a wide field of view.
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Product Name Notes
Optical Brinell Measurement System -- BRINtronic-MD
Optical Brinell Measurement System -- BRINtronic-PC
Optical Brinell Measurement System -- BRINtronic–LT
The BRINtronic series of stand alone automatic Brinell microscopes includes: -BRINtronic–LT fully automatic portable Brinell microscope includes laptop PC supplied in a tough industrial quality case, (available without laptop computer...
BRINscope Brinell Microscope -- BRINscope The Foundrax BRINscope manual Brinell microscope gives the accuracy of a scientific instrument with the reliability and robustness required for use on the shop floor – even in harsh industrial...