Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd. Datasheets for Microscopes

Microscopes are instruments that produce magnified images of small objects
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Product Name Notes
Optical Brinell Measurement System -- BRINtronic-MD
Optical Brinell Measurement System -- BRINtronic-PC
Optical Brinell Measurement System -- BRINtronic–LT
The BRINtronic series of stand alone automatic Brinell microscopes includes: -BRINtronic–LT fully automatic portable Brinell microscope includes laptop PC supplied in a tough industrial quality case, (available without laptop computer...
BRINscope Brinell Microscope -- BRINscope The Foundrax BRINscope manual Brinell microscope gives the accuracy of a scientific instrument with the reliability and robustness required for use on the shop floor – even in harsh industrial...