RCD Components, Inc. Datasheets for Chip Inductors

Chip inductors are manufactured using semiconductor material.
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Product Name Notes
CERAMIC CORE WIREWOUND CHIP INDUCTORS Industry’s widest range! 1nH to 10uH, 1%-10%, 0 402-1008 sizes Non-magnetic ceramic-core design for HF operation Customized versions available with non-standard values, increased Q &
HIGH FREQUENCY CERAMIC CHIP INDUCTORS Wide range - 0.6nH to 470nH, up to 10GHz 420mA Advanced monolithic construction especially suited for high frequency applications Excellent Q and SRF characteristics Operating...
MOLDED WIREWOUND CHIP INDUCTORS Molded construction, excellent environmental performance 1210 and 1812 sizes available from stock Ferrite core, wirewound construction Intermediate values, increased current, Q, & SRF available
MULTILAYER SHEILDED FERRITE SURFACE MOUNT CHIP INDUCTOR RCD’s MLI i nductors feature a monolithic multilayer construction. The structure involves no windings/welds/solder joints, ensuring highest reliability and p erformance levels over...