Radicom Research, Inc. Datasheets for Serial Communications Products

Serial communication products are used in industrial and commercial systems to transmit data bit-by-bit, or sequentially, over a single wire. They include serial servers, serial hubs, serial adapters, serial data converters, serial routers, and serial multiplexers.
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Product Name Notes
Embedded Serial-to-Ethernet Module -- LSDB-200
Embedded Serial-to-Ethernet Module -- LSDB-201
Embedded Serial-to-Ethernet Module -- LSHM-200
Embedded Serial-to-Ethernet Module -- LSHM-201
Embedded Serial-to-Ethernet Module -- LSMB-200M
Embedded Serial-to-Ethernet Module -- LSMB-200V
Measuring only 1” (W) x 1” (D) x 0.25” (H), the LSHM-200 family of Embedded Serial-to-Ethernet Modules connect serial devices to IP networks with a 10/100BaseT interface. They provide an...
WiFi/LAN to Serial/USB/BLE Adaptor Board -- LSDB8900 Radicom LSDB8900 industrial WiFi/LAN to Serial/USB/BLE product line is an all new wireless to wire gateway solution. With built-in powerful CPU to process all necessary functions and features, the LSDB8900...
Embedded Bluetooth V4.2 Module -- RB8762 Radicom's RB8762 embedded Bluetooth module series use as simple as a Serial interface to add state of the art data Bluetooth V4.2 wireless operation to any system. The R88762 Bluetooth...