Glas-Col, LLC Datasheets for Thermocouple Elements

Thermocouple elements are temperature sensors that are useful over a wide range of temperatures.  Thermocouples are formed by two dissimilar metals.
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Product Name Notes
Thermocouple -- 104A TC105
Thermocouple -- 104A TC105K
Thermocouple -- 104A TC105T
Thermocouple -- 104A TC110
Thermocouple -- 104A TC115
Thermocouple -- 104A TC120
Choose features to match application. These thermocouples, available in a variety of sizes and constructions, are for use with Glas-Col temperature controls and the digital thermometer. Thermocouples are type J...
Thermocouple Adapter -- 108A TCA/1J
Thermocouple Adapter -- 108A TCA/1K
For use with original solid state Therm-o-watch. This accessory extends the usefulness of a Therm-o-watch capacitance controller/monitor to include thermocouple sensing. TCA can be used with all TOW which have...