Radiant Vision Systems Datasheets for Photometers

Photometers produce electrical signals, which correspond to radiant flux energy, for a series of discrete wavelength intervals. They are used to measure wavelengths of light spectra and optical or atomic emissions.
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Product Name Notes
PM-NFMS™ Series ProMetric® Near-Field Measurement System -- PM-NFMS0400
PM-NFMS™: ProMetric® Near-Field Measurement System -- PM-NFMS0800
Comprehensive view angle performance characterization for large light sources PM-NFMS™ (ProMetric® Near-Field Measurement System) measures brightness, color, and, optionally, spectrum as a function of view angle for large light sources.
ProMetric® Y16: 16-Megapixel Imaging Photometer -- IP-PMY16
ProMetric® Y2: 2-Megapixel Imaging Photometer -- IP-PMY2
ProMetric® Y29: 29-Megapixel Imaging Photometer -- IP-PMY29
ProMetric® Y43: 43-Megapixel Imaging Photometer -- IP-PMY43
Fast, small-format Photometers optimized for display test and cosmetic inspection in production environments ProMetric® Y is a series of high-performance imaging photometers designed for high-volume production testing of displays, smartphones,...
SIG-400 Source Imaging Goniometer® -- SIG-400 Precise measurement of near-field luminous intensity specifically for LEDs and other small light sources The SIG-400 (Source Imaging Goniometer®, Gen. 4) is a fully automated, computer-controlled goniometric system designed specifically...