LufftUSA Datasheets for RTD Temperature Probes

RTD (resistive thermal device) temperature probes are types of thermal resistors which measure temperature as a function of resistance.
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Product Name Notes
Description: At the head of the surface temperature probe is a spring-loaded sensor which takes the temperature. Can be used on flat, matt and metallic surfaces.
Description: Compact, slim temperature-/humidit y sensor in stainless steel protective tube. With a diameter of only 4mm, the sensor is suitable for applications in measurement areas that are diffi cult...
Description: Food probe in stainless steel protective casing for precise temperature measurements (PT100 1/10 class B).
Description: Stainless steel sensor equipped with a Teflon probe is especially suitable for high temperature/humidity measurements.
Description: The immersion probe is suitable for measurements in gaseous media, liquids and granular material, such as sand.